La Prairie Cellular Hydrating Serum – DECEMBER


Infuse your skin with intense doses of long-lasting moisture with Swiss Moisture Cellular Hydrating Serum. The triple action formula works on multiple levels to attract, bind, and prevent moisture loss.

Begin your Swiss Moisture skincare ritual with Swiss Moisture Cellular Hydrating Serum, followed by Swiss Moisture Cellular Eye Contour Cream and Swiss Moisture Cellular Time Release Moisturizer Intensive.


  • Helps attract and hold water in the skin for long-lasting hydration
  • Contributes to restoring the moisture barrier function to help skin hold in its own natural moisture
  • Counteracts drying and aging effects of environmental factors on the skin

La Prairie Nightly Elixir – MAY

Ultimate Rejuvenation Reawakens and Transforms the skin by promoting 4 Vital Functions:

  • nutrition
  • cell respiration
  • detoxification
  • immunity


four vital functions: nutrition, respiration, detoxification, immunity

Combination of exclusive cellular complex and advanced platinum complex give best environment for skin cell renewal

skin rejuvenation

  • the exclusive cellular complex strengthens the extracellular matrix and promotes skin renewal by revitalising essential skin cells
  • platinum peptide, part of the advanced platinum complex, stimulates collagen production
  • oligopeptides gently support skin exfoliation and stimulate cell renewal even

skin tone

  • oil-soluble form of vitamin C evens out skin tone by reducing age spots and melanin formation

skin texture

  • calendula officinalis oligosaccharides increase elasticity, reduce skin roughness and minimise wrinkles
  • a botanical stem cell extract diminishes wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, scavenges free radicals and aids DNA repair processes