La Prairie Nightly Elixir – MAY

Ultimate Rejuvenation Reawakens and Transforms the skin by promoting 4 Vital Functions:

  • nutrition
  • cell respiration
  • detoxification
  • immunity


four vital functions: nutrition, respiration, detoxification, immunity

Combination of exclusive cellular complex and advanced platinum complex give best environment for skin cell renewal

skin rejuvenation

  • the exclusive cellular complex strengthens the extracellular matrix and promotes skin renewal by revitalising essential skin cells
  • platinum peptide, part of the advanced platinum complex, stimulates collagen production
  • oligopeptides gently support skin exfoliation and stimulate cell renewal even

skin tone

  • oil-soluble form of vitamin C evens out skin tone by reducing age spots and melanin formation

skin texture

  • calendula officinalis oligosaccharides increase elasticity, reduce skin roughness and minimise wrinkles
  • a botanical stem cell extract diminishes wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, scavenges free radicals and aids DNA repair processes